Thomas Sarrazin

Has been working for over 8 years with youngsters, adults and children's at risk of social exclusion. He has worked in a wide range of different structures going from self-organized communities to multinational companies in different countries through Which he has Gained valuable knowledge and skills. He has participated in 8 Erasmus + exchange project as well as a 2 month and 12 month European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteering in Romania and Gran Canaria (Spain). These projects gave him the opportunity to understand how exchanges can change the impact one can have on local communities and the environment. He is currently living between Madrid, where he is studying a professional circus course and Gran Canaria where he is developing new projects

Aránzazu Rodríguez Mederos

Translator and interpreter (Spanish-English-German-French) specialized in community interpreting and with experience in social and healthcare backgrounds. She finished in 2023 her masters in intercultural mediation and professional translation and interpreting. These studies have given her outstanding knowledge in intercultural communication, conflict resolution and language barriers. She specialized in healthcare and community (public services) interpreting to be able to safe the space between cultures and promote integration without forcing any of the cultures involved to bend over the other. 

Zoran Mitrović

Project manager with over 12 years of experience working with youth, Zoran is a passionate and skilled leader dedicated to promoting environmental education and sustainable development. Zoran has participated in more than 30 projects, including leading 6 of his projects with foreign partners in other countries. Through these experiences, he has gained extensive knowledge and skills in project management, intercultural communication, and international cooperation. Zoran is also committed to non-formal education and has participated in numerous training courses, including those focused on Erasmus+ and youth exchange programs. He also volunteered for 12 months as an EVS volunteer in Germany and 6 months on a program Erasmus for young entrepreneurs In Gran Canaria, where he developed his skills in intercultural communication, language learning, and community building. In recognition of his dedication to environmental protection and volunteering, Zoran was declared the "Best Volunteer for Nature" in Serbia in 2014. He is also a mediator and speaks three languages, further highlighting his commitment to fostering international cooperation and promoting cross-cultural understanding.