✔ “O2 por la vida” is an environmental association and as such is mostly focused on educational activities with children and youth on the topic of environmental protection, sustainability, and animal protection through workshops on nature and ecology as well as many other activities that promote a healthy lifestyle through sports and sustainable development. Our volunteers are students and young people from different universities who want to change the world and their future for the better acting first on a local community level and then jumping to the country or even global scale. Therefore, our organization promotes a healthy environment of volunteerism for future generations by organizing and promoting local and international camps. In the beginning, our members have experience in organizing local, regional, and national eco, sport and work camps for kids and youth. After very positive and rich experiences with each of them in small-scale projects, actions and camps we decided to go a step further and started to work together and become an NGO wiling to work on international projects.

  ✔ Educational workshops for children and youth about environmental protection and social topics
  ✔ Workshops with youth and kids in nature
  ✔ Activities connected with healthy lifestyle and habits
  ✔ Creative workshops with kids with physical or cognitive disabilities
  ✔ International eco, sport and work camps in the frame of international youth exchanges

Our target group for activities are first children in elementary schools and then youth and students of biology and ecology and others who are motivated to get new skills in a certain topic. Our principal goal is that children at the earliest ages can get in touch with nature and learn to care about sustainable development from at a very young age. Our secondary goal is to raise awareness about preserving the environment, promote a healthy lifestyle, and emphasize the importance of active volunteering, not only in the context of environmental protection but in all aspects. We are aware that by educating the young generations we are securing a better future for all of us. Our volunteers need new knowledge and skills to successfully work in this field and in our community, and that’s why we think that this project is a good opportunity for all of us.