Mission / Vision

At O2 por la vida, we stand united in our mission to spearhead positive transformation in the field of environmental conservation. With a team of dedicated members, each equipped with years of experience in ecology, mediation, and youth engagement, we bring forth a wealth of knowledge and a shared passion that fuels our projects.

Central to our ethos is the belief that the environment is not a solitary entity, but a complex web interconnecting communities and ecosystems. Through our innovative projects crafted specifically for youth, we forge environments conducive to learning, personal growth, and impactful action

  1. Revitalising Pluralistic Democracy: We understand that environmental issues are inseparably tied to broader societal concerns. Thus, we actively involve young people in democratic processes that shape environmental policies. In doing so, we instill a profound sense of ownership and responsibility, empowering them to be influential voices in their communities.
  2. Empowering Young Advocates: Our programs transcend theoretical knowledge. We are committed to empowering young individuals to become active agents of change. Through personalized mentorship and hands-on experiences, we nurture a generation of advocates who are not only knowledgeable but deeply passionate about the sustainability of our planet.
  3. Promoting Inclusive and Peaceful Societies: In our relentless pursuit of a greener world, inclusivity stands at the forefront. We create spaces where diverse voices converge, fostering an environment of understanding, unity, and collaboration among communities of varied backgrounds. Through this inclusive approach, we believe we can collectively address environmental challenges.
  4. Elevating Youth Work: With team members who have dedicated years to engaging with youth, we recognize the transformative potential of young leaders. Our projects provide platforms for them to take the lead, innovate, and effect tangible environmental impact. We believe that the energy and creativity of young minds are catalysts for positive change.
  5. Fostering Intergovernmental Cooperation: Collaboration is at the heart of our approach. We actively seek partnerships with governmental bodies, NGOs, and stakeholders in the environmental sector. Together, we endeavor to transcend borders, working towards policies that ensure a harmonized and effective approach to environmental conservation.

At O2 por la vida, we envision a future where environmental conservation is not a task for a few, but a collective endeavor that spans generations and communities. Through our work, we aim to leave a legacy of empowered, informed, and passionate individuals who will continue to champion the cause of sustainability.

Join us on this journey as we breathe life into our shared vision of a greener, more inclusive world.