Workshop of our member “Sustainable living – another way of life is possible” by Zoran Mitrović

On a bright and sunny day, the members of the NGO “O2 por la vida” gathered at the school of languages “Escuela de idiomas Santa Lucia” to attend an enlightening workshop on sustainable living. The workshop was conducted by the esteemed member of the NGO, Zoran Mitrović, who spoke on the topic, “Sustainable living – another way of life is possible”.

Zoran delved deep into the subject matter, talking about the need for a sustainable lifestyle, zero waste, and food saving. His talk centered around the idea of changing our “modern” way of living, focusing on the importance of reducing plastic usage, growing our own food, and the basics of permaculture. His insights and knowledge inspired the professors of the school of languages, who listened with rapt attention throughout the workshop.

Zoran’s passion and dedication to the cause were evident as he spoke about the ways in which we can make a positive impact on our environment by making small changes in our daily lives. The workshop was not just informative but also interactive, with the attendees participating in a lively discussion and asking questions to gain further clarity on the topic.

Overall, the workshop was a resounding success and served as an important step in the NGO’s mission to promote sustainable living.