Erasmu+ Project “Green Gen” (Pioneers for Sustainable and Creative Non-Formal Learning)

Objectives are:

  1. Promote Learning Mobility and Cooperation: Our project aims to facilitate the mobility of groups, fostering cooperation
    among diverse stakeholders in the realm of non-formal education.
  2. Enhance Quality and Inclusion: Central to our initiative is the commitment to elevate the quality of non-formal education.
  3. Cultivate Creativity and Innovation: Our project endeavors to be a crucible for creativity and innovation in the realm of
    non-formal education.
  4. Non-Formal and Informal Learning Mobility: Recognizing the inherent value of non-formal and informal learning
    experiences, our project places a strong emphasis on promoting mobility in these contexts.
  5. Digital Transformation and Skills Development: In alignment with Erasmus’s goals, our project is resolutely committed to
    supporting the digital transformation of education. We seek to equip both students and educators with the digital skills
    essential for thriving in an increasingly interconnected world.
  6. Inclusive Education for Diverse Learners: Our project places a special emphasis on inclusive education and training
  7. Vocational Education and Work-Based Learning: To enhance the quality and relevance of vocational education and
    training (VET), our project focuses on promoting work-based learning opportunities. By forging robust partnerships between
    VET providers and employers, we aim to create a seamless transition from education to the workforce, bolstering the
    recognition of VET qualifications across Europe.
  8. Youth Active Participation and Engagement: We are committed to promoting active participation among young people